Nurses must be licensed with the Nursing Council of Kenya  and meet the Board’s registration standards, in order to practice in Kenya.

You are required to renew your license to practice nursing in Kenya every 3 years. The license expires on midnight of the expiration date which is the first day of the expiration month. It is illegal to practice with an expired license. If you do not renew your license, your name will be removed from the national register and your registration will lapse in accordance with the Nurses Law Cap 257.

The renewal must be on the Council”s renewal form and must include the current renewal fee. Please note that before license renewal, evidence of having undergone 40 hours of professional training every year is required. Loss of the practice license must be reported to the Council or the nearest police station.

Remember to renew your license using your legal name – this is the name that appears on the national register. Make sure that your contact details are provided to the Council, including your email address and mobile, are current.