Indexing Information

Upon admission to a training school, for all nursing programmes, we require students to submit an application for Indexing within 30 days following commencement of training.
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Training Institutions

The Council has approved 101 nurse training institutions to prepare students at degree, basic and higher diploma level for various branches of nursing practice.
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Nursing Programmes

The Council has approved a total of 23 certificate, diploma and degree programs for a variety of nursing disciplines.
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Clinical Placement

Students are required to undergo mandatory clinical placements during training to acquire clinical experience. During these placements, students utilize the Students Activity Log Book and the Master Rotational Plan.


Education Standards

The Council has developed Standards of Nursing Education in Kenya to provide a frame of reference for the nursing education programs in the country in preparing safe and competent nurse practitioners who will function effectively not only as members but also as leaders in health care delivery system.