In exercise of the powers conferred by Section 4 (1) of the Nurses Act, the Minister for Health appointed the following, to be the members of the 11th Nursing Council for a period of three (3) years with-effect-from 13th July, 2012:

Under section 4 (1) (a):  Dr. John M. Wekesa representing the Director of Medical Services
Under section 4 (1) (b):  Mr. Nur J. Guleid representing the Director of Education
Under section 4 (1) (c):  Mr. Chris Rakuom, the Chief Nursing Officer
Under section 4 (1) (d):  Mr. James Mwenda representing the Attorney General
Under section 4 (1) (e) (i): Mrs. Everlyne C. N. Rotich representing Midwives
Under section 4 (1) (e) (ii): Mrs. Getrude Anyango Opiyo representing Community Health Nurses
Under section 4 (1) (e) (iii): Mrs. Trutea Misanya Munyendo representing Mental Health/Psychiatric Nurses
Under section 4 (1) (e) (iv): Mr. Fredrick Osundwa Nyarotho representing General Nurses
Under section 4 (1) (e) (v): Mr. Luke K’odambo representing National Nurses Association of Kenya
Under section 4 (1) (e) (vi): Mr. Thaddeus M. Mayaka representing Kenya Progressive Nurses Association
Under section 4 (1) (e) (vii): Mr. Samson Cheruiyot representing Universities
Under section 4 (1) (e) (viii): Mr. Titus Munene M’maeti representing Kenya Episcopal Conference
Under section 4 (1) (e) (viii): Mrs. Jane Nyakeru Kishoyian representing Christian Health Association of Kenya
Under section 4 (1) (e) (ix): Mr. Kinuthia Wamwangi representing the Institute of Human Resource Management
Under section 4 (1) (f): Mr. John Anyira representing the Director, Kenya Medical Training College