Full Council

The Full Council is a special meeting of the Nursing Council composed of all elected, nominated and ex-officio members. The Full Council is the supreme decision making organ of the Nursing Council of Kenya. It oversees all the functions of the Council through its committees.

Human Resources and Finance Committee

The Human Resources Standing Committee is the main agency involved with the generation and utilization of the Councils’┬áresources. It provides the leadership for the development of personnel, provides general financial oversight and strategic alignment of the operations and budget of the Council’s computing services.

The Registration and Licensing Committee

This committee sets criteria and oversees implementation of regulations governing the enrolment and registration and licensing of Nurses in Kenya.

Education, Research and Examination Committee

This committee is involved in the development of performance evaluation study guidelines, training and research guidelines and participates in, and informs the Council about the outcomes of relevant national and international scientific conferences.

Discipline, Standards and Ethics Committee

The Discipline, Standards and Ethics Committee is responsible for establishment, improvement and control of conditions, standards and quality of nursing education and practice within the ambit of the Nurses Act. It is also responsible for determining  issues against persons or institutions brought before the Council.