The licensing examination is assessed using two methods:

Average: Candidates musts score an average of at least 49.5 to pass the examination. Candidates awarded an overall fail grade must resit all papers.

Minimum: Candidates must score at least 49.5 on each paper in order to pass the examination. Overall grade is awarded based on the minimum score attained. Candidates awarded an overall fail grade resit only the papers failed.

The grading scale is explained briefly as follows:

Distinction [74.5-100]: An excellent performance, clearly outstanding. The candidate demonstrates excellent judgement and a high degree of independent thinking.

Credit [64.5-74.4]: A very good performance. The candidate demonstrates sound judgement and a very good degree of independent thinking.

Pass [49.5-64.4]: A good performance in most areas. The candidate demonstrates a reasonable degree of judgement and independent thinking in the most important areas.

Fail [0-49.5]: A performance that does not meet the minimum academic criteria. The candidate demonstrates a limited degree of judgement and independent thinking.