Under the Nurses Act Cap 254 of the Laws of Kenya, the Council accredits education providers and programs of study for the nursing profession. We continually strive to ensure that nurses get quality education by ensuring that institutions training nurses at all levels meet the set standards for accreditation.

We perform two forms of accreditation:

  • Institutional accreditation: Limited to a program of study in professional or occupational fields.
  • Professional/specialized accreditation: Limited to a program of study in professional or occupational fields.

Any school, college or institution conducting a nursing education program for the purpose of preparing individuals to be awarded with certificates, diploma or degree in nursing is required to seek approval from the Nursing Council of Kenya. Such approval consists of:

  • Initial approval: Official recognition granted for a new program after the Council conducts a visit to the institution to ascertain its readiness to admit students.
  • Renewal: Done upon expiration of the initial approval (after 5 years). The Council shall conduct an evaluation visit to ensure that the institution meets the set standards.


Application for accreditation

Institutions desiring to conduct training of nurses are required to apply in writing to the Nursing Council of Kenya and provide documented evidence in line with the guidelines pertaining to:

i. The program they intend to offer

ii. The physical training facility in place

iii. The main teaching hospital and any other health facilities affiliated to the training institution which will be used for provision of additional clinical/practical experience if need arises. If these additional training institutions will be used, then there should be a signed memorandum of understanding indicating the terms of agreement.

vi. Staffing Profile

iv. Any other information that deemed necessary or that may be requested by the Council.

When an institution submits an application, the Council shall conduct site visits to confirm the information provided. Reports of the visits shall be presented to the Discipline, Standards and Ethics Standing Committee and the recommendations will be presented to the Full Board. If in the opinion of the Council the institution is found to have met the criteria, the Council shall grant an initial approval. Such approval shall extend from the date of the Board meeting and shall terminate after 5 years. A renewal of accreditation shall be granted following an evaluation of the institution that verifies that standards have been maintained.